Hospitality and Hotel Brand Strategy

We start with an idea.
We pair it with brilliance.
We turn it into an experience.
We work with big thinkers only.
We put people first.
01-20 defies outdated thinking, lumbering progress and provide real meaning to brands through experiences. Creators, strategists, thinkers, makers. We work globally to find the richness in the world we live in and turn it into a provocative story for our audiences.
Founded in early 2000’s we have worked with some of the most respected brands across multiple industries, focusing on hospitality, corporate and working directly with founders and those that want to think differently.

We drive concepts, experiences and activate them in unexplored channels.  We keep peoples’ needs and desires at the core of what we do. This allows great things to happen. This is how we do it.
Briefing & Defining success
Audience Insights and Mapping
Competitor Review
Site Visit
Research & Insights
Developing Strategic Positioning
Spirit, Story, and Personality
Interior Consulting
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Experience Design
Service Style Design
Visual Identity
Tone of Voice
Art Direction
Photography / Videography
Web Design & Build
Digital Design and Development
Print Design and Production support
Signage And Wayfinding
Brand Guidelines
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy &
Influencer Marketing
Staff Workshops
Brand Activation & Events
Quarterly Reviews
Global mindset. Worldly presence. Varied perspectives. Creative interpretations. Point of views that encourage debate and settle on enviable results.  Here is a snapshot of our team.
Jacob Mason
Jake’s creative roots lie in the music scene of Los Angeles where he first started out as a session player and working as a sound engineer on world tours. A move to the UK for a role with Apple then led to roles at some of the world’s largest branding agencies, where his passion for building great brands was born. Over the years Jake has worked on over 100 property and hotel brands. Jake’s passion lives in concept and experience creation.
Carmela Pia
Carla’s passion for creating unforgettable moments started at a young age. Growing up in the restaurant and hospitality industry there was always a singular focus on how a service should make a guest feel. After studying International Business with a focus on the luxury sector, she then moved on to work closely with the founder of the UK’s fastest growing tech start-up, for leading fashion brands and Scotland’s largest creative agency. She later joined Jake to craft some of the newest International hotel brands.
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