The New Norm

Working From Home Or Working Remotely? Why The “New” Norm Has Always Been Our Everyday

We have always worked remotely. You might be wondering why…

– Are you trying to save money on overheads?

– Do you not like your team and just benefitting from their skills and expertise?

– Do you just not like other people?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding no.

– Offices….we prefer catching up over coffees or beers.

– We get along in and outside of work…most days.

– We seriously struggle to say no to (almost) any social event

So how does it work?

We are a strategic and creative agency that provides resources to our clients through an agile and collaborative process. Our clients are situated globally and working from a set place each day doesn’t work for us for a number of reasons.

The first is because we are never in one place. We are set up in a way which allows us to work and travel to meet our clients each day, be that in Shoreditch or Brooklyn. We have broken down the typical 9-5 work boundaries to allow our team to get work done in the hours and the location that suits them best. If you find that seed of inspiration as darkness sinks in or if your energy levels are sky high when the birds sing, you can work when you feel most productive. And that might be in the office one day or on a rooftop in Bilbao the next.

Secondly not being cemented in one place allows us to tap into the very best talent, which is not necessarily found in the city you reside in. For creativity to resonate genuinely and have deep cultural impact it requires a range of different perspectives, different skill sets and different life experiences to join together. We capture these different viewpoints from a team of craftsmen located all over the world. It promotes variety, resists that one dimensional set studio style (to be avoided like the plague or covid-19), and ultimately provides better results.

This means this way of working is not only favourable for us (in avoiding those dreaded, sweaty, central-line commutes; eliminating mundane workplace distractions; creating deeply considered projects with a team not limited geographically, and of course being able to conquer that work-life balance thing…) but we are benefiting our clients too.

We have the time, the team and the mind space to be flexible, provide that emergency consultation on site (when that interior designer decides to pinterest your space out), constantly question project requirements and actively engage in a regular dialogue unrestrained by the monotonous workplace. This leads to the discovery of stories and ideas that steer towards a true purpose and common goal.

Of course this style doesn’t suit everyone, and does come with its challenges, but when it works….. it is like gold dust.

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