Ercilla De Bilbao

From A Renowned Hotel Lost In The 70’s

Project Information
It hosted guests from Pavarotti to Maradona to Julio Iglesias to the most famous Matadors. As time went on the hotel lost that spark, the glamour and the energetic Basque passion, Fiery hearts and Gracious souls. The hotel had had its lustre taken away, with all the stories of that bygone era trapped in photographs in the back office. In that time Bilbao had gone through an industrial revolution and a cultural one. It was time for Ercilla to have their revolution too. Through our concept “70’s glamour the Bilbao way” we brought the passion of the Basque people, the British influence from its industrial days and the golden years of the 70’s together. We created an all-inclusive member’s club with rooftop views of the entire city and an enviable event’s programme. This is a hotel with an authentically glamorous Basque experience you won’t have anywhere else.

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