Hotel Alexandra

Glamour And Chaos In An Authentically Roman Way

Project Information
Time forgets no one, and Via Veneto is no exception. Taking a look at her today she seems to have lost her sparkle, her shine, like a faded actress whose fans have moved on to someone else. But giving up is not in her nature. Via Veneto awaits its Second Renaissance. The cinematic pulse of La Dolce Vita has not yet disappeared, nor has Veneto's legacy died. Our concept of A Roman Reawakening was created through the depiction of a lifestyle which epitomises chaos, colour and endless godereccia. Where history is layered into the cities very fabric, from the food to the way the residents talk, daily inefficiencies that may evoke hair-tearing, but become blissful due to the very backdrop you are in. This was where the rest of the world turned to, where the term “La dolce vita” (the sweet life) was founded. Hotel Alexandra brings back this effervescence; glamour, chaos and a hint of debauchery in an authentically Roman way.

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