The Halyard At Ropewalks
United Kingdom

A salt-of-the-earth kind of destination, just like our city.

Project Information
In the 18th century Liverpool’s population grew 13 fold, from 6,000 to 78,000. It became a global economic force. The city’s trading abilities brought the world an “Empire of goods”, it fast tracked consumerism and fostered a rich multicultural community of Irish, West Africans and the oldest Asian community in the country. An engine of globalisation and a vibrant city of harmony in culture and attitude. Not afraid to speak out, not afraid to listen, not afraid to welcome. Great change is also reoccurring in Liverpool today. Where new talent is emerging and re-migrating to this great city. We create a new destination for them, which encourages the intertwining of new and old, of guests and locals through considered and innovative experiences. A space which feels refined, sophisticated but not in a way that negates the past and the multicultural neighbourhood in which it resides in. A salt-of-the-earth kind of destination, just like our city.

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